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Tom Seider Relaunches Case Law Insider Webinar

Bringing back the popular continuing legal education series founded by his colleague Celene Humphries, Brannock Humphries & Berman partner Tom Seider will chair the Florida Justice Association’s 2023 Case Law Insider series, debuting March 1.

The four-part webinar series will focus on recent appellate decisions of import, with an emphasis on the background of the case and the development of arguments and issues at the trial level.  Tom will enlist the lawyers who handled the cases to serve as presenters.  Julie Littky-Rubin, who won a significant products-liability appeal in the Fourth District in late 2020, will be one of the first speakers.  The goal of the programs is for the FJA’s appellate lawyers to share their perspective on the decisions and trends in the law that are likely to have the most impact on personal-injury practice in Florida.

The webinars take place over the lunch hour, beginning at noon.  They are scheduled for March 1, June 27, September 15, and December 15. Learn more and register here.