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Steve Brannock Presents Antitrust Webinar

As longtime general counsel for the National Chemical Credit Association, Brannock Humphries & Berman shareholder Steve Brannock is used to keeping credit professionals out of antitrust trouble. 

As a formal part of that process, Steve presents a biannual seminar regarding antitrust laws, helping association members understand what information they are allowed to share and discuss and what information is off-limits.  For example, antitrust laws prohibit these members, who are competitors, from entering into agreements in restraint of trade, such as engaging in price fixing.  But at the same time, credit professionals are allowed to and routinely do share historical information about their credit experiences with their customers, like whether those customers pay on time or are in financial trouble.

The purpose of Steve’s presentation, which he normally gives in person at an association meeting but which was presented virtually this year, is to help the credit professionals walk the line between legally permissible interaction and actions that are prohibited by antitrust laws.  Steve’s presentation also ensures that the credit professionals understand the serious consequences of an antitrust misstep.