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Shea Moxon Presents on Proposals for Settlement

Brannock Berman & Seider shareholder Shea Moxon was the featured speaker at a virtual education program hosted by the civil trial section of the St. Petersburg Bar Association.

The well-attended webinar covered the planning and drafting of proposals for settlement, commonly known as PFSs, and pitfalls for drafters to avoid. Within these topics, Shea addressed the requirements of Florida Rule of Civil Procedure 1.442, which governs PFSs; significant recent amendments to the rule; and the plethora of PFS-related case law, including cases that many trial attorneys might not have heard about before. Shea also touched on special considerations for PFSs in insurance cases.

Proposals for settlement are a common procedural tool for attorneys to resolve cases and to establish entitlement to attorney’s fees. Given their prevalence and importance, knowing how to craft a legally enforceable PFS is critical.