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Sam Salario Joins Distinguished Appellate Panel

Brannock Humphries & Berman shareholder Samuel Salario, Jr. took part in a lively discussion about advanced oral argument strategies during a well-attended lunch event organized by the Hillsborough County Bar Association’s appellate practice section.

Sam was joined by his former colleague on the Second District Court of Appeal, Judge Susan Rothstein-Youakim, as well as by the court’s most junior judge, the Honorable Suzanne Labrit, and by Florida Chief Deputy Solicitor General Jeffrey DeSousa.  Hillsborough County Court Judge Logan Murphy moderated the conversation.

The panel went beyond the basics to tackle thornier oral argument issues like how to improve transitions, when to leave time on the clock, what kinds of structural improvements can be made to oral argument processes, and whether humor is ever appropriate.  As a former appellate judge who is now an appellate practitioner, Sam shared his unique perspective from both sides of the bench.  He discussed what persuaded him as a judge and how lawyers can implement strategies to maximize the persuasiveness of their oral presentations.