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Joe Eagleton Presents Special Webinar On Family Law Appeals

Family law appeals: how can they possibly be any different than other appeals?

That is one of the questions Brannock & Humphries attorney Joe Eagleton answered during his recent presentation as part of a special Florida Bar Appellate Practice Section webinar dedicated exclusively to family law cases.  Mr. Eagleton’s presentation was entitled, “Finality in Family Law: Appealing Orders in Cases That Never End.”  

True to its name, the discussion highlighted perhaps the most important way family law cases are different from other types of cases: they often last much longer.  This distinction can change the procedure for appealing orders entered by a trial court and even whether certain orders are appealable at various stages of a family law case, such as during a dissolution of marriage or following a child custody proceeding.  Mr. Eagleton focused on both legal and practical concepts, including how to determine whether an order is appealable and how appellate courts have reviewed orders entered years after the original final judgment.