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Doug Wallace Presents On En Banc Proceedings

Brannock & Humphries lawyer Doug Wallace recently spoke to a large and engaged group of appellate lawyers on the topic of en banc proceedings in Florida’s District Courts of Appeal.

The webinar was sponsored by the Appellate Practice Section of The Florida Bar and was attended by many attorneys statewide.  Mr. Wallace addressed a number of topics regarding en banc review, which refers to the process by which a case is considered by all the judges of the court rather than, as is typical, by a three-judge panel.  The presentation touched on issues ranging from the history of Florida’s en banc rule to the types of cases most likely to receive en banc consideration to practical tips for lawyers seeking or opposing en banc review.

Before joining Brannock & Humphries, Mr. Wallace served as an appellate judge on Florida’s Second District Court of Appeal, where he reviewed scores of en banc motions and participated in numerous en banc proceedings.  That experience gives him unique insight into the en banc process and proved useful in answering the many questions posed by lawyers at the end of his presentation.