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Celene Humphries Presents At Conference Of Florida Trial Judges

Brannock & Humphries shareholder Celene Humphries participated in a panel discussion at the 2019 Florida College of Advanced Judicial Studies, an intensive full-week program that offered numerous in-depth seminars on some of the most essential and complex issues facing Florida’s trial judges.

The event was offered by the Florida Office of Court Education and was attended by trial judges throughout the state.  Ms. Humphries’ topic focused on key issues in the Engle cigarette litigation.  

The Engle panel was moderated by Judge Meenu Sasser of West Palm Beach and was organized as part of a full-day slate of products liability topics.  Along with three other appellate lawyers, Ms. Humphries spoke to a group of 38 trial judges for more than 3 hours, and she also prepared a detailed paper on some evolving issues in the appellate courts as part of the presentation.