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Ceci Berman Presents on Land Use Appeals

Against the beautiful backdrop of the Tampa Riverwalk, Brannock Berman & Seider shareholder Ceci Berman was a featured speaker at the 23rd annual Florida Land Use Law conference.

Ceci’s presentation focused on appealing development orders, a specialized and technical area where she has extensive experience.  Land use rulings can be considered either “quasi-legislative” or “quasi-judicial,” such as proceedings before a local planning or zoning board.  Ceci’s presentation focused on the nuances of these orders, the remedies and procedures for appealing them, and the standards of review that apply.

Ceci’s presentation took place on the morning of what was scheduled to be a two-day event in Tampa bringing together the top talent in land use law.  But during her presentation, the National Weather Service issued a hurricane warning and a storm surge warning for Hurricane Idalia—causing a memorable moment when everyone’s cell phones went off as Ceci spoke.  The incoming tropical weather ultimately caused the second day of the event to be cut short.