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Brannock & Humphries Helps Secure New Trial For Injured Plaintiff

The First District Court of Appeal has affirmed an order granting a new trial to a plaintiff who was injured in an accident that left her with a dramatically altered life.

During trial, the defense’s expert told the jurors that car accident cases like this one are why their premiums are so high.  Later, the same jurors would find that although the accident caused the plaintiff’s injuries, she was entitled to only minimal damages.  Brannock & Humphries assisted the trial team in arguing that, based on the inconsistency of the jury’s verdict and the prejudice caused by the defense expert’s statement, the plaintiff should get a new trial.  The trial court agreed and awarded a new trial.  

When the defendant appealed, Brannock & Humphries sprang into action to preserve the trial court’s order.  Today, the First District affirmed, which means that the plaintiff will have another opportunity to prove her case to a new jury.