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Brannock Berman & Seider Secures Affirmance in Complex Probate Case

The Sixth District Court of Appeal upheld a Highlands County trial judge’s decision to send a new estate-related lawsuit to arbitration, siding with Brannock Berman & Seider’s arguments about the interpretation of a prior settlement agreement between the parties.

The settlement agreement, which contains an arbitration clause, stemmed from a long-running family dispute. This complex procedural history was important for placing the current appeal in context. In an extensive brief, Brannock Berman & Seider meticulously walked the appellate court through the facts, explained the language of the agreement and its intent, and highlighted why arbitration was appropriate. After considering the written briefs, the Sixth District affirmed the trial court’s ruling.

The new lawsuit seeking to reopen the estate will now be resolved through arbitration, as the parties intended.